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If you are a smoker who wants to give up smoking easily, painlessly and quickly...
If you are a health care professional and you are looking for a method to help your patients give up cigarettes without resorting to chemical substances, with no side effects or contra-indications... 

This site created by the Chiapi Institute will interest you. It promotes the action and impact of acupuncture, in particular the Chiapi method, in giving up smoking. In most cases using this method - two needle pricks in the nose - the smoker will give up smoking after one acupuncture session only, without feeling any withdrawal symptoms. Evaluation de l’acupuncture dans le sevrage tabagique . Assessing acupuncture action for giving up smoking.

Whatever acupuncture methods used to stop smoking, results are significant enough for it to be considered among the efficient anti-smoking strategies . The review presented below is a further proof of its efficiency. ... « article in PDF format »

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